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Fourteen-year-old ninth grader publishes acclaimed fantasy novel seven years in the making

Snowspirit The Virgo Key by Rainye Day
Even when they like to read, kids today usually have higher priorities than writing, polishing, and publishing a book. Think video games, cell phones, sports, dance, martial arts classes, and the list goes on.

A notable exception is the young author of the newly published fantasy Snowspirit: The Virgo Key. Rainye Day, a 14-year-old California native, has spent much of the last seven years creating this slim novel. Along the way, she’s piled up numerous writing awards and devoted the vast majority of her free time to researching, editing, and revising.

Snowspirit begins with a prologue that explains how, with the help of the traitorous thirteenth horoscopian, a powerful demon god has trapped the rest of the twelve gods of horoscopes. Together, the demon and the traitor are biding their time as they plot to take over the universe. Without the twelve horoscopia, the protectors of the galaxy, nothing seems to stand in their way.

Enter 12-year-old Elia. She has no inkling of this otherworldly power struggle and is peeved because the birth of her new baby brother is playing havoc with her normal schedule. Then the mysterious Snowspirit enlists her to retrieve the Virgo key, the first step in saving the horoscopia and preventing doomsday.
Elia and her dog, Troy, embark on a terrifying journey across a scorching desert, where Elia’s biggest enemy is the wild. With the odds stacked against her and the world depending on her, Elia must prove that she is qualified to join the Snowspirit’s team of twelve. This means risking her life in impossible conditions as she journeys to find the Virgo key. Along the way, Elia discovers the magic of new beginnings and unexpected adventures.

The author comments, "From glittering snowfields to barren deserts, creating this book may have taken a toll on my social life, my family, and my school. But today, when I look back at the long way Snowspirit has come, it has been rewarding and satisfying. I hope that this book will encourage children and adults of all ages to not only read, but to write as well!"
She adds, "Be brave and take the leap!"

"A wonderful story of a young girl who travels on an amazing journey through the snow and desert on a quest to find the magical Virgo Key. Rainye Day provides vivid details and a compelling narrative that will entertain children and even adults as they follow along on this fantastic adventure." ~ Dr. Rebecca Nee, assistant professor of Journalism & Media Studies

AUTHOR: The author with the pseudonym Rainye Day is otherwise known as a passionate reader and writer with big dreams. Born and raised in San Diego, California, she has been reading and writing since she was crawling and has won multiple awards in the National PTA Reflections contest. A black belt martial artist and avid animal lover, she’s currently a fourteen-year-old ninth-grade student. To see more of her writing, go to

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